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Anthony Fernandez



Anthony has known he's wanted to work with small business since he grew up surrounded by community building entrepreneurs in south Dallas! After getting his BBA and MPA from the McCombs school at UT Austin, he jumped immediately into small business accounting with a forerunner dedicated cloud accounting firm. After serving as an analyst on a wide variety of clients across multiple industries and receiving an education in the latest technology and Saas services available to businesses, Anthony made the jump to work with ScaleFactor, a leading Saas accounting provider. Starting as a senior account analyst, he eventually managed more than 30 accounts individually before spearheading the creation of a new streamlined service division. During his time as an Accounting Team Lead, Anthony guided a team of 3 managers and two dozen analysts with delivery of accurate financials for more than 300 clients at ScaleFactor's peak. After sadly helping to wind down ScaleFactor's operations during the Covid crisis, Anthony saw an opportunity to take a leadership role in creating a firm tailor-made to a customized client experience. He joined Strata Cloud Accountants with an eye towards building a fantastic operations and delivery experience. 

In his spare time Anthony is a dedicated foodie, and enjoys trying new recipes and ingredients from around the world. Proud parent of a dog and a cat, he recently has been spending time taking care of a family of foster kittens, getting them ready for adoption.

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