Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting

Total Financial Clarity For Your Business Through Expert Accounting

We provide you with the financial data you need,
efficiently and accurately.

Bookkeeping Done Right

Our accounting experts utilize Xero and QuickBooks Online to keep your books up-to-date every week. Additionally, we reconcile your accounts and provide you with a dynamic financial package every month. To help you interpret the numbers and take action, our accounting experts will meet with you on a set cadence to dive into the financial state of your business, all with the goal of providing you with financial freedom.

Engagement and optimization

Our team is passionate about finding the optimal accounting solution for each business’s individual needs. That is why we find opportunities to optimize your personalized accounting system upon implementing your plan. Our team constantly seeks to identify ways to utilize the given tools to a higher level and will find ways to increase efficiency and clarity, saving you and your team time and effort.

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The Team Made For Your Bookkeeping Needs


We pride ourselves on our high quality of work and our expertise. The way our team can take whatever tech stack you have, create a workflow from it, and confidently deliver your financials is unlike any other.

Quality Customer Service

Our team-focused approach: We ensure that there is always one client advisor and one cloud accountant on each client’s books. We maintain a 24 business hour SLA, so our clients can always get the assistance they need from one of our dedicated team members at any time.

We Grow With You

Our team continually adapts to your business’ growing needs. Businesses typically begin to see a need for our services at around $300k in annual revenue, although hiring a bookkeeper can be beneficial at any point if you expect rapid company growth. Our clients typically begin to search for a full time in house solution as they approach the twenty million in revenue mark. We love seeing our clients prosper!

Our commitment is to provide you the following through a high level

of customer service and professionalism

Accurate and timely financial statements

Regular meetings to ensure you leverage financial data for optimal performance

Optimization and automation of current tech stacks

Look at the benefits. Our Bookkeeping and Financial Reporting Service…

Provides You With

Extra Peace of Mind

Helps You Budget


Keeps You Prepared

For Taxes

Is An Average of 40% Cheaper Than Hiring In House

Maintains Organized


Makes It Easier To

See Business Targets

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Our monthly financials go well beyond the standard Income Statement and

Balance Sheet; check out your future financial statements

Add On Services

Enhance your financial processes with our add-on services. We take care
of the financials while you focus on running your business.

No judgements here, but nothing makes us happier than a clean set of financials.

Let us get your books up to date so you can stop worrying and re-focus on growing your business.

We can send out your invoices through your accounting file, and we can help chase down your open receivables with our partnership with local Austin firm, Collbox. In coordination with your Strata expert, our partners at Collbox make individualized phone calls to your customers to help speed the collection process along. Who doesn’t love getting paid faster?
Say goodbye to unnecessary time spent printing out checks, manually initiating wires, or matching vendor payments in the accounting file. Send us your bills and allow us to manage the payables process. We will get approval from you and your team when it is time to send that payment to your vendor.

Looking for a new tech stack that works better for your business? We find the best tech for your company, adapt new technologies into your workflow, and create optimized processes for your team and ours. This one-and-done service provides the foundation for all financial processes. Strata Cloud Accountant’s Software and Process Implementation provides you with the most optimal accounting solution for your business.

gain Financial Freedom With
Strata Cloud Accountants