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Our mission is to provide accounting and financial freedom.



We value accounting freedom achieved through exceptional customer service and extraordinary financial insights.  Through our services, we believe every client should have more financial transparency and be able to make better business decisions.

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DeEtte Harrington


DeEtte Harrington is an accomplished accounting professional with over 30 years in the industry.  She is dedicated to helping small and medium sized businesses understand and leverage their financial data.  Prior to co-founding Strata Cloud Accountants DeEtte held various financial positions in a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Litigation Support and most recently in the Fin-Tech startup world as Senior Customer Success Manager for ScaleFactor.  It was here that the Strata Cloud team gained invaluable insight into the importance of timely delivery of quality financial data for the 400 plus business owners they supported.  We live by this philosophy at Strata Cloud Accountants and take great pride in our ability to deliver it!

DeEtte is a native Texan that grew up all over the state and even spent a few years in the Middle East but landed in the Texas Hill Country while obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Finance at Texas State University. It’s here that DeEtte fell in love with the great outdoors and more specifically the gorgeous rivers and lakes that abound.  DeEtte spent her youth as a competitive swimmer and is certainly at home in the water.  In later years, she competed in triathlons and now enjoys leisurely swimming, paddleboarding and hiking.  DeEtte lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, and Great Dane and is enjoying being ‘MiMi’ to her 4 grandchildren.  And yes, they are all water babies!


Kyle Smith, CPA


Kyle Smith, CPA believes passionately in helping small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) thrive. A Finance graduate of the UT McCombs School of Business, he fell in love with Austin and spent his early career at a local firm as an accountant and Controller for various bar and restaurant groups. Chasing his passion to be a trusted advisor for SMBs, he went back to school to obtain his CPA and dove deep into cost management accounting as Director of Finance at Celis Brewery.

He then had an irresistible opportunity to lead a talented group of accountants at the software development company Scalefactor, gaining valuable exposure and advising clients across many different industries . This led to his dream position as co-partner of the incredible accounting and advising team at Strata Cloud, where he strives to build a valuable, first-class level advisory experience for every client. In his spare time Kyle is an avid rock climber and dedicated yoga practitioner.

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Anthony Fernandez, MPA


Anthony has known he’s wanted to work with small business since he grew up surrounded by community building entrepreneurs in south Dallas! After getting his BBA and MPA from the McCombs school at UT Austin, he jumped immediately into small business accounting with a forerunner dedicated cloud accounting firm. After serving as an analyst on a wide variety of clients across multiple industries and receiving an education in the latest technology and Saas services available to businesses, Anthony made the jump to work with ScaleFactor, a leading Saas accounting provider. Starting as a senior account analyst, he eventually managed more than 30 accounts individually before spearheading the creation of a new streamlined service division. During his time as an Accounting Team Lead, Anthony guided a team of 3 managers and two dozen analysts with delivery of accurate financials for more than 300 clients at ScaleFactor’s peak. After sadly helping to wind down ScaleFactor’s operations during the Covid crisis, Anthony saw an opportunity to take a leadership role in creating a firm tailor-made to a customized client experience. He joined Strata Cloud Accountants with an eye towards building a fantastic operations and delivery experience. 

In his spare time Anthony is a dedicated foodie, and enjoys trying new recipes and ingredients from around the world. Proud parent of a dog and a cat, he recently has been spending time taking care of a family of foster kittens, getting them ready for adoption.

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Hunter Scott, CPA


Hunter has had one dream his entire life: to give business owners a quality accounting experience! This dream led him to endure the grueling life of a public accountant after college. He earned his CPA, learned the ins and outs of many industries, completed audits, completed business valuations, and so much more! However, he found that the standard public accountant experience still fell short of what business owners deserve. So he packed up his things and moved across the country to Austin, Texas to continue pursuing the dream. He joined a fintech company that sought to automate accounting, but eventually learned that technology couldn’t solve everything; there has to be a balance between technology and accounting professionals passionate about the customer. As a result, he would like to welcome you to an accounting experience that is out of this world, Strata Cloud Accountants. 

In his free time, Hunter enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife and daughter, running marathons and going on long road trips in their camper van. It is also not hard to convince him to meet up for a drink so don’t be shy!

Our Origin Story

Where it all began

Strata Cloud Accountants started with friends and a shared dream to start a company whose focus was to help small and medium sized business (SMBs) owners make better financial decisions.  We knew from working together side-by-side for several years at an Austin, Texas based Fintech startup that we had shared work philosophies and principles.  So when the opportunity arose to help several businesses in need of accounting services, it was an easy decision for us to join forces, realize a dream and start Strata Cloud Accountants.   

The values that unify our team are family and freedom.  Our goal is to leverage this opportunity to provide accounting and financial freedom for our clients, and also the personal freedom for our team to enjoy a strong work/life/family balance.  We believe it’s vital for our entire team to enjoy life outside of work, where our family responsibilities range from raising kids, enjoying grandkids, to loving our fur babies. 


We provide enterprise-level expertise, reporting and insight that is tailored to fit the growing SMB.  Using advanced cloud-based tools and our expertise, we can provide SMBs with the knowledge, insight, and reporting that before would have been available only to an enterprise-sized firm.  And we custom tailor our packages to our client’s specific needs, so there are no hidden hourly charges racking up, and the client has peace of mind up front knowing the full scope, cost, and value we’ll deliver.

Many clients have commented to us that having accurate, timely, understandable and actionable financial data was a weight off of their shoulders and brought clarity to a previously foggy aspect of their business.  Unlike many other bookkeeping firms, our top priorities are communicating, building a trusted advisor relationship and providing clarity for clients. 


If your SMB has inaccurate data, or if the business decision maker is unable to glean insight from the data, then the business is effectively rudderless.  If a SMB chooses to work with us, because of our expertise, straight-forward approach, and superior reports and presentation, that SMB can then make better decisions that will ultimately lead to more cash for the business and/or more freedom to steer the operation in the best, most profitable direction. 

We’re committed to translating all of the business inputs into accurate Financials and insights the SMB can understand and act on, so once again, the SMB owner can make better decisions and more confidently steer the ship.

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