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Our mission is to provide accounting and financial freedom.



We value accounting freedom achieved through exceptional customer service and extraordinary financial insights.  Through our services, we believe every client should have more financial transparency and be able to make better business decisions.

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Our Origin Story

Where it all began

Strata Cloud Accountants started with friends and a shared dream to start a company whose focus was to help small and medium sized business (SMBs) owners make better financial decisions.  We knew from working together side-by-side for several years at an Austin, Texas based Fintech startup that we had shared work philosophies and principles.  So when the opportunity arose to help several businesses in need of accounting services, it was an easy decision for us to join forces, realize a dream and start Strata Cloud Accountants.   

The values that unify our team are family and freedom.  Our goal is to leverage this opportunity to provide accounting and financial freedom for our clients, and also the personal freedom for our team to enjoy a strong work/life/family balance.  We believe it’s vital for our entire team to enjoy life outside of work, where our family responsibilities range from raising kids, enjoying grandkids, to loving our fur babies. 


We provide enterprise-level expertise, reporting and insight that is tailored to fit the growing SMB.  Using advanced cloud-based tools and our expertise, we can provide SMBs with the knowledge, insight, and reporting that before would have been available only to an enterprise-sized firm.  And we custom tailor our packages to our client’s specific needs, so there are no hidden hourly charges racking up, and the client has peace of mind up front knowing the full scope, cost, and value we’ll deliver.

Many clients have commented to us that having accurate, timely, understandable and actionable financial data was a weight off of their shoulders and brought clarity to a previously foggy aspect of their business.  Unlike many other bookkeeping firms, our top priorities are communicating, building a trusted advisor relationship and providing clarity for clients. 


If your SMB has inaccurate data, or if the business decision maker is unable to glean insight from the data, then the business is effectively rudderless.  If a SMB chooses to work with us, because of our expertise, straight-forward approach, and superior reports and presentation, that SMB can then make better decisions that will ultimately lead to more cash for the business and/or more freedom to steer the operation in the best, most profitable direction. 

We’re committed to translating all of the business inputs into accurate Financials and insights the SMB can understand and act on, so once again, the SMB owner can make better decisions and more confidently steer the ship.