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“Strata has been a breath of fresh air, they are diligent, communicative and have exceeded our expectations. For the first time we have bookkeepers and accountants that go above and beyond their job description. I don’t have a vendor in Strata, I have a partner and that’s how the relationship is supposed to work.”


“We value our partnership with Kyle and the Strata Cloud Team immensely. The team is always very helpful and responsive and go above and beyond to explain our financials in a very clear way. Our high level of trust in the team allows us to focus our time on other aspects of our business, knowing they have us covered!”

Renee Rouleau/Curtis Schuttinger-COO

“We (Renee Rouleau Inc.) have worked with and trusted in Strata Cloud Accountants for years. DeEtte has been in strategic company planning sessions, brought our team tacos to review month end, and has even come to our Thanksgiving potlucks. To us, being a small company means we prefer working with Partners, not vendors. Strata Cloud Accountants provide us flexibility, expertise, and fast response time but at a fraction of the cost of in house personnel.”

Ascent & MicroCap Conference - Fred Rockwell

“Strata Cloud Accountants has become an extension of our internal team delivering not only great service but also insights that are helping us to better plan for the future. They have totally relieved all the stress I had about outsourcing accounting and finance.”

Cornerstone Counseling/Justin McManus, LCSW

“I receive much more meaningful information than I've had with previous firms.”

Assembly Group/Carissa Clark - Founding Partner

"Hunter and his team have been a fantastic partner to us as we scale our business. They are diligent, accurate, timely and a pleasure to work with. I also appreciate their ability to simply and concisely communicate information and financial trends to help inform better business decisions."

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    The combination of cloud-based tools and our expertise will provide you with knowledge, insight, and reporting that up to this point has only been available to enterprise-sized businesses. 

    Let us tailor a package that fits your needs, so you can have peace of mind up front knowing the full scope, cost, and value we deliver.



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    Our goal is to make you a better decision maker! To accomplish this goal we use Xero & QuickBooks Online to keep your financial data up-to-date every week. 

    Additionally, our accounting experts will meet with you regularly to interpret the story your numbers tell, and your standard monthly reports will be our map. See what your future looks like here.

    We go beyond the standard static yearly budget. Strata Cloud experts can dynamically forecast, budget and analyze difficult business decisions, and help you manage your cash flow. Gain insight into your all-important cash flows weekly, monthly, and beyond.  We’re here to support your business growth, and sometimes you just need to put some numbers behind your ideas.

    We can send out your invoices through your accounting file, and we can chase down the payment with our partnership with Collbox.

    Stop manually sending out payments! We can help manage your payable process by implementing best-in-class technologies like our partner

    You won’t have to worry about missing payroll deadlines or delinquent payroll tax filings anymore. We got you!

    No judgements here! Nothing makes us happier than a clean set of financials. Let us get your books up to date so you can stop worrying and re-focus on growing your business.

    We have partnered with Heritage Family Offices to offer our clients proactive services and advocacy on tax, legal, wealth management, insurance, and business matters. Every situation is different; so every one of our solutions is unique. As CPAs, we have the expertise, independence and integrity to provide comprehensive, unbiased planning that our clients are seeking.


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    We custom tailor our service packages to your needs. No hidden hourly costs racking up here! You will have up-front peace of mind knowing the full scope, cost, and value we deliver. Review our valued services and chat with an expert so we can help you start making better financial decisions today.

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