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Strategic Controller Support to Propel Your Business Forward

Meet Your New Controller

We help lead your finance and accounting team, oversee bookkeeping operations, manage higher-level FP&A (financial planning & analysis) functions, set technology direction, work with other department heads to analyze financial data and create budgets, provide week over week cashflow forecasting, and consult with boards of directors and the CEO on strategy. Our controllers are passionate about bringing you the financial freedom you deserve.

Just like an in-house controller, we become the highest-ranking financial professional in your organization and take responsibility for the business’s fiscal health. The only difference is that we are tailored to your budget and cost a fraction of what you would pay a full-time controller.

Collaborative communication with your company is what drives our virtual controller service. You can expect 4-8 meetings a month from your virtual controller to connect with operations or cover an executive summary with the leadership team. Plus, an accountant will always oversee your account, ensuring all data entry is high quality and accurate.

We are finance and process visionaries — with an eye toward the future, we work closely with top leadership and are passionate about recommending strategic moves to better your business.

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The Team Made For Your Finance Needs


We deliver expert advice specific to your industry and your business needs. You can always expect top-tier metrics and strategy with a talented team behind your virtual controller service. We regularly meet with your team to ensure that each part of your strategy propels your business forward.

Quality Customer Service

It is easy for any business to claim “we are here for you,” but at Strata Cloud Accountants, we indeed are. Our service provides you and your team with a personalized, weekly meeting schedule that best fits your needs. We also strive to maintain a 24 business hour SLA, so our clients can always get the assistance they need from one of our dedicated team members.

We Grow With You

Our team continually adapts to your business’ growing needs. Companies typically begin seeking a virtual controller at around 1 million in annual revenue and phase out once annual revenue hits twenty million. You can usually find a lot of virtual controller one-offs who can fill this role as an individual, but very few can handle everything from the bookkeeping to the controller work like our team can. Plus, we are always more cost-effective than hiring in-house. We love seeing our clients prosper!

Look At The Benefits. A Strata Cloud Accountants Virtual Controller…

Is about 50% more cost-effective than hiring an in-house controller

Provides the same high-quality work as an in-house controller

Helps hold you accountable to your business's financial goals

Takes a leadership role in your company, working towards your business goals with the rest of your team

Helps you understand whether or not your ideas will turn a profit

Can prevent you from making decisions that could lead to profit loss

Plans strategically how to use your money to grow the business​

Has an entire team of Strata Cloud Accountants experts behind every effort

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