Welcome The Intentional Entrepreneur Listener

I hope you found my conversation with Dan Nguyen to be informative and insightful. Working with business owners to reach their personal and professional financial goals my been my longtime passion. This fueled by initiative to earn my CPA and go begin holding conversations like the one you heard on the The Intentional Entrepreneur Podcast.

My ultimate ambitions were fulfilled when I became a co-partner at Strata Cloud Accountants, where I am able to provide top-tier advisory and CFO services to business owners like yourself everyday. Where we help others realize financial practices to boost profitability and attain company level goals.

Strata Cloud Accountants was born from a collective vision among friends who shared work philosophies and principles. Our values center around family and freedom, aiming to provide clients with financial freedom and their team with a strong work-life-family balance.  

Financial awareness and freedom is vital enjoying life outside of work. This is precisely why our goal at Strata Cloud Accountants is to leverage the opportunity to providing accounting and financial freedom for business owners like yourself. It is in this spirit, I invite you to take advantage of the resources I have shared with you below. They are my gift to you, to explore tailored financial solutions and to drive you and your team toward personal freedom.

If I can be of any service, please don’t hesitate to reach out.