Tips and Insights to Help You Better Navigate Your Business Finances


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Effective Budgeting to Drive Profitability

Budgeting for your business or business department may seem scary, but the goal is worthwhile, and the budgeting process does not have to be complicated.

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The Best Cash Flow KPI

There are many helpful cash flow KPIs that range from relatively simple to complicated. However, I’d like to focus on the best cash flow KPI


Direct vs Indirect Cost

I will focus on how analyzing direct vs indirect costs can help you make better decisions and be more operationally profitable. Therefore, I will skip

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What Does Revenue Mean?

Most directly put, revenue is “top-line” sales. However, technically for accounting and analysis purposes, revenue is equal to recognized cash inflows created by the sale


Net Income Vs. Revenue

What matters the most, Net Income or Revenue? Any financial measurement or metric should be to help you as the business owner (or unit manager)

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Cloud Accounting Vs. Traditional Accounting

There will be endless volumes (justifiably so) written on the data/storage/security advantages of cloud accounting versus traditional accounting software.  For me, data storage advantage considerations

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Understanding Drivers of Revenue

Making better decisions, in both goods and services businesses alike, starts with understanding what drives revenue as well as cost drivers, which is critical to


What is a Forecasting Report?

I’ve talked in previous blog posts about Dynamic Forecasting, and how it is different from a standard budget. In this post, we will revisit that

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What is a CFO?

By Kyle Smith, CPA This is a very common question we get, you can check out our other common questions and answers in the FAQs. Without

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Cashflow Tips for Leveraging Your Float

Cashflow Tips I’ve spent time working for various companies in accounts receivable as a Controller. One of the most immediate ways I’ve seen business owners